Barracuda Trust - Empowering the Social Web

Barracuda™ Labs secures business and social interactions on the Web, keeping the Web a place where users can be productive and safe. While advances such as social networking sites like Facebook, Web applications like Twitter and Flickr, and commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay are growing in popularity, the threats to end users also are rising. Purewire brings safety and trust back to these platforms and protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft, and other harmful activity online.

Barracuda™ Trust, located at, is a free online portal where Internet users can go to verify reputation information about themselves and those with whom they interact online. With a single click, users can get a snapshot view of the complete Web security threat landscape to help establish trust, safety and transparency between users in online interactions.

Why Barracuda Trust?

According to Internet World Stats, there are more than 200 million people online in North America alone, and more than half of the top 100 Web sites are driven by user-generated content. The Web has changed the way people shop, collect information, communicate with friends and conduct business. The longevity of this model is dependent on these users trusting online interactions. While many forums, retailers and other sites have generally deployed some type of rating system, until Barracuda Trust, no single service existed that could collectively evaluate the reputations of people, places and things across the Web.

What Does Barracuda Trust Do?

Barracuda Trust builds reputations that protect individuals in user-to-user relationships for communication (such as social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn), collaboration (such as virtual worlds like Second Life and applications such as Twitter) and commerce (such as classified sites, Craigslist and eBay).

"Barracuda Labs has taken a holistic approach to securing users online. With Barracuda Trust, the company has the potential to build out multiple security applications, and also does the industry a service by providing Web users with a tool to foster and encourage transparency to take this exchange to the next level." Chris Shipley, executive producer for DEMO Conferences.
How Does Barracuda Trust Work?
Barracuda Trust analyzes patterns and builds reputations for online identities. It provides a forensic view for users to:
  • Verify user reputation information, port already-established reputation information and build a personal reputation quickly
  • Maintain and promote their own reputations using electronic badges that point back to their Barracuda Trust profile, to be embedded on auction sites, classified sites, and social network pages or distributed via email to help users claim their identity and credibility
  • Provide feedback on other users based on positive or negative experiences
  • Suggest corrections to their own information or add their community affiliations to help build the credibility of their profile
  • Check dynamic Web site threat and reputation information on new URLs to help users stay safe even in the face of thousands of new sites popping up every day
  • View information about Web 2.0 applications that are a blind spot for traditional signature-based anti-virus and object-based malware detection
Why is Barracuda Labs Offering Access to Barracuda Trust for Free?

Barracuda Labs is offering access to free of charge as a contribution to the technology community in support of the company's mission to improve the online experience for both consumers and enterprises. currently is in beta, and feedback is encouraged. New features and functionality will be added to the portal on a regular basis, and the content becomes richer as more people use it. Users should continue to check back frequently.

Who Uses Barracuda Trust?
  • People who want to reference their own reputations and verify that no malicious online activity is asscociated with their email addresses or identities
  • Journalists or bloggers who want to confirm the reliability or trustworthiness of a source
  • Parents who want to keep their children safe from online predators
  • Buyers and sellers who want to engage in online financial transactions
  • College admissions offices and HR departments who want to verify the reputation of potentail applicants
  • Credit agencies who want to correlate online activities with offline ones to make rating decisions
Complete protection against malicious People, Places and Things on the Web™
People: Who is on the other end of a Web transaction? As more people gather online for communication, commerce and collaboration, scammers are taking note.
Places: A new domain joins the Web every second, providing unlimited opportunities for malware to spread via sites unknown to URL filters.
Things: Embedded objects, script-based attacks, malicious links and virus-laden file downloads make surfing Web 2.0 a game of digital Russian roulette.
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